Free fire vs GTA 5 is going to become tough competition but it’s so easy to explain which one is best. Free fire is a totally battle game and GTA 5 is an adventure game .

free fire vs gta 5

Basic Information

Here we discuss the basic information about free fire vs GTA 5.

  • Launched In
  • Downloads
  • Game Type
  • Size

Launched In

Free fire is a new and updated game that launched in 2017 but it may update more times in a month . Gta 5 is an old adventure game and it was launched in 2013 and it is its updated version . so at this point free fire vs gta 5 the free fire gets plus points.


In terms of downloading the gta 5 is the old game and it’s possible it has more downloads but this is not the real news it has 185 million downloads . The free fire comes late from gta but it has 1 billion plus downloads because this game is according to the human new generation’s thoughts and likeness . Downloads are the point which may increase the usage and fame of any game or anything which is available on play store to download. By downloading app you get feedback from your users to make it more reliable and good in working. so at this point free fire gets again plus points.

Game Type & Size

In Free fire vs gta 5 the free fire type is battle. It is totally a battle game and war game. In free fire the players who like to play free fire games are interested in playing war or battle games so that’s the main reason to play free fire which is totally a battle game.

GTA 5 is an adventure game because it is designed according to the adventure thoughts so it is called adventure game.


The size of the free fire is different on every update but the basic size of the free fire is 700mb and on the other side the size of gta 5 is 95 gb which is so high . In this term of sizing the advantage of free fire is with low mbs and it’s totally free so it’s easy to get from play store. 

The gta 5 is totally paid and not easy to install and it is not available on play store IOS so gta 5 is downloaded from google chrome and you may have to install a lot of files to play it on pc and this is mostly played on pc .


There are some most common features of gta 5 which are these:

  • Gun Fire
  • Swim
  • Vehicles
  • Cars customization
  • Graphics


When the player plays gta 5 he uses a lot of the weapons during playing the game and it’s normal and the main thing is he uses these weapons for robbery and killing local peoples so this is not good . And in this game the player has the role of a gangster.

Gun fire gta 5

In free fire mod apk the player uses different guns for killing the enemies because he is fighting with enemies so in this point of view free fire vs gta 5 the free fire gets again plus .


In free fire the player can swim easily because it is its mod feature so its so simple and easy for player to swim in free fire and cross river and the player can use boat to travel from one place to other so in free fire you can shoot your enemy in water because the water is fully access able for the player in free fire game. 

swimming in gta 5

In gta or gta 5 it’s not easy to play and swim in water because gta cannot have access to players to swim and play in water . If a player wants to play or fire in water then he takes paid things like boat and swimming skin to access himself in water .


In gta 5 there are lot of cars to drive and the player can snatch car from any person so its so easy to drive any type of your favorite car in gta 5 but in free fire mod apk you can use just racing cars and limit of cars

cars in gta 5 and in free fire

Free Fire VS GTA 5 the cars are used properly and mostly in need based like simple car mini, racing jeep, and you can use helicopter but you may have to need some basic skins in free fire but in gta five you have to know all the codes for calling any type of car , tank , byke .

Cars Customization

In free fire vs gta 5 you can do changes in your car which you want exactly but you may need some diamonds in free fire and some dollars in gta so you can easily customize your car as it is you want to start playing. At this point twice are equal to each other.

car customization free fire

In Free Fire Vs GTA 5 the process of car customization is not too tough its so easy because you may have to use some coins to buy colors, and parts of cars in which you want to see your customized car so its easy to change spare parts of your game cars and colors.


Free fire vs gta 5 compression they both have the best real graphics you feel like real things are held around you . so both games have out class graphics and at this point both games get plus points. Graphics are the main and important factor of any game so graphics matters most for games. If you feel this graphics are not good so try to use graphic card in your device in which you are playing the game. By using the graphic card you feel and note the good results. The minimum requirement of the graphic card is 2gb if you use 4 or 8gb graphic card then the results will be increased.


The end of all the discussion the competition goes end now and the result of all the discussion is free fire is the best one from the gta 5 because in free fire vs gta 5 free fire gets more points. And you see the points here we discuss the FF is performing very well from the second game. And now the world is growing and moving to upgraded and updated things but the pixels, maps , characters of GTA are so old but FF is upgrading everything month by month so this is attractive for game players. So download rizvi fire mod APK right now to become best gaming player of battle and royal games.

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