Free fire vs battle prime the both games are the best game to play and spend your free time playing these wonderful games. So we compete both games according to their features which are similar to each other.

free fire vs battle prime

Free Fire vs Battle Prime features

There are major features of both games:

  • SKY


Graphics are the main part of any game because any type of game which is most famous is for its best graphics so here we discuss the graphics between free fire vs battle prime game. When you play free fire mod apk you feel like playing a real game and you don’t need to use an extra graphic card so that’s why free fire is easy to play without any graphic card .

free fire vs battle prime graphics

Now the graphics of battle prime are not too good. They look like playing boots in the war field so it’s not good to play battle prime instead of free fire because of graphic issues so the result is free fire has the best graphics.


One of the main parts of any battle game like free fire vs battle prime snipping is another major feature of any battle game so we discuss the snipping in this competition .


Free fire mod apk have best scopes for snipping by which its so easy to kill your enemy which is ready to kill you  but in battle prime due to graphic issue snipping feature not works to good but it may have good scope like 2x 3x or many other but the main point it is mostly are paid in battle prime if you want to use these scopes so you can pay some of dollar and then you use these. So at this point again free fire wins and gets plus points from battle prime in the competition of free fire vs battle prime.


The double image is held in battle prime because of poor graphic issues but it is not held in free fire so again free fire is getting plus points from battle prime.

The main point for discussion is this issue is held when a player is in running posture it can not be held in sitting position or lay down on grass.


In free fire vs battle prime competition the both games are played in open area under the sky and if you are playing game you must see the sky so it’s important to understand the color of sky and you see some weapon box are landing from the sky by plane so if you don’t know the color of sky you must confused during the game.

This thing is now again dependent on the game graphics so if you read before this  content you understand which one is good if you dont then i tell you free fire has best graphics instead of battle prime so free fire gets plus points again and it’s so near to win.


There is one famous emote which is held in both the games which is dancing emote. Free fire mod apk has many emotes of cars, bikes and a lot of others which are good ones but battle prime has just few of main emotes of the game. The dancing emote is so famous in the battle prime game.

battle prime dance emote

Free fire players can dance during the game and battle prime also dance during playing the game but free fire player has extra steps of dance in this game and battle prime does not have so in this point of free fire vs battle prime free fire again in plus.


Free fire vs battle prime are battle games so guns are important parts of these games.

battle prime weapons

Free fire players have g3,ak47 and many others but in battle prime players just have a single fire gun or a glock pistol for firing and the firing sound of this game is too low and the sound of free fire is so real and players enjoy this sound while playing the game.

So in this point free fire vs battle prime free fire again wins.


The end of the all discussion is free fire vs battle prime game free fire is best and great battle game to play so if you are a real battle player so without wasting time download now the game and enjoy its all features.

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