Free Fire VS Dragon Ball Legend 2024

Free fire vs dragon ball 2024 is the comparison between two different fighting games. In this gaming world we are playing many fighting games, battle games. Dragon ball is for fighters and fight lovers. Free fire is a full action and fighting game but with the use of weapons. And mostly players like this game because of its adventure style.

free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024

Main Points Free Fire Vs Dragon Ball Legends 2024:

There are some important points to discuss which are:

  • Launched
  • Play Store downloads
  • Rating 
  • Earning
  • Action
  • Battle


Free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024 this thing is so important to discuss this when dragon ball is launched . Dragon ball was launched in 2018 and now it is still in trend. This is played by remotes and with many other types of remote control device. In this modern world you can play dragon ball on your android or ios mobile phone. But the fun and fun of this dragon ball is in just a PC or big remote control machine.

Free fire was launched in 2021 and now it is going well. Free fire is trending now because of its players. Free fire mod apk is its updated version. Free fire is now available in the max version. In this time free fire is more trending from dragon ball. So in this point the free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024 the free fire gets plus points.

Play Store Downloads:

The play store is an app store from which you can download any type of android app and ios has its own app store which is called apple store. Apple store is for iPhone users and from this store you can download iOS supported apps which are mostly used in iphones. In this point of download free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024 it’s important to discuss the download of both games on ios and play store.

dragpn ball legend

Dragon ball has 10 million plus downloads on play store instead of this free fire has 100 million plus downloads on play store. So at this point dragon ball again loses the points and free fire gets plus points.

Rating On Play Store:

When you compare any game this is a focus able to discuss the rating of these games. So at this point we are going to discuss the rating of the free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024. Dragon ball legend has 4.5 rating on play store. Free Fire has a 4.3 rating on the play store and people rate it as the best one game ever. 

In this point of rating free fire losses the point and dragon ball gets plus points. Now the dragon ball legend 2024 has equal points with free fire.

Action game:

Free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024 both games are action games. The difference between the action of these games is this. Free fire has the action of multiplayers and dragon ball has the action of single player game. In dragon ball legend the player fights with other players and they punch each other. 

dragon ball action game

In free fire mod apk the players play together. Free fire players use weapons to kill other opinions. This is the major difference between dragon ball action and free fire action.


Free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024 they are battle type games. The battle of free fire mod apk is a totally modern battle. In free fire the players use weapons and kill each other. Mostly players use their hands to fight with each other.

In dragon ball legend 2024 the players fight like fighters and they know the punches, legs attack and many other tricks to kill the enemy with hands. Dragon ball is a strong bodybuilding type game. Most players love it for the kind of fight. So in this point of battle both the games free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024 are equal to each other.

dragon ball legend battle game


At the end of all the discussion of free fire vs dragon ball legend 2024 the both are good ones but they are not equal to each other. Free fire is an action and battle type game and dragon ball is a fighting game. So the conclusion of this is that free fire is the best one from dragon ball because of more downloads and modern type games.

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