Free Fire VS PUBG

Free Fire VS PUBG

Free Fire vs PUBG is the one of the most famous competition between these two games. And both the games are battle games. So this difference help out the players and battle game lover to identify this which game in this free fire vs PUBG difference is best one royal battle game.

Free Fire VS PUBG Major Difference

Here we discuss some points which may help us to identify the best game between free fire vs pubg.

Updates Of Both Games And Launching Date

In Free Fire vs PUBG originates in Vietnam and comes before 4 months from PUBG. Pubg originated in South Korea in 2017 after free fire mod apk. So in this point FF is more updated from PUBG.

Downloads Of Both Games

The download of FF is 10M and the download of PUBG is 5M so here the FF is higher than PUBG. In this point the thing which is note able is this downloading is the major factor for any game to become more popular and more playing so every game has its focus on downloads so in this point free fire vs pubg FF won.

Rating Of Both Games

The rating of FF is 4.4 and the rating of PUBG is 4.1 so FF has much rating from PUBG. This is the feedback from the user which may help the developer and the owner to identify the value, quality and performance of there game so this is much important.

Downloading Space

Ram and Rom needed for FF is just starting from basic which is 1gb and for PUBG you must have a minimum 2gb of ram and storage space of 4gb. In Free Fire VS PUBG this point is value able.


If you want to play AKM on FF it takes less time to finish . But if you want to play AKM on PUBG then it takes more time instead of FREE FIRE. During playing game you can use lot of many other weapons which make you more comfortable.

In free fire the starting players in a full match are 50 overall and you can finish the match and start another one without wasting more time and increase your game levels easily and fastly. Pubg starting players are 100 .So it may take a lot of time to finish the one match and it’s not an essay to finish because of the large area of this game map.

free fire vs pubg

Glow wall is an important feature of both games and this works equally in both games so at this they are equal to each other. In Free Fire VS PUBG this point is important to discuss that glow wall is available in both the games.

Launching Pad Or Parachute

Launch pad is used during the match when you want to land on another place in just seconds so you can use this . FF has a simple and easy to handle pad but PUBG has a more modern type pad which is not easy to understand and not easy to handle and it landed the player by parachute which is a negative point because enemies point out the player and kill him before landing so it’s not good.

Detailed Difference

FF players easily  sit and run but PUBG players do not easily or fastly run while sitting.

In room style doors are opened in FF automatically but in PUBG you may have to open the door with your hand push .

Zip Line

Zip line is another latest function so it works similarly for both the games. By using this zip line the player go from one place to another in few seconds and save his time. But the main issue in this is it make noise and alert the enemy so use it on your own style.

Nocking Enemy

Nock enemy the FF player carry and run and place the enemy at a safe place and then kill and take all its equipment. But in PUBG you just carry and urgently pick all items.

In Free Fire VS PUBG there are less number of bots to kill but in PUBG a large number of bots you have to kill . FF played you in original players not with bots. This thing improves your game skill and builds up your confidence to play the game.

Weapons Scope Of Both Games

The scopes of FF guns never move during firing and they kill the target on their exact aim. But the scopes of PUBG moves to solve this solution you may have to go to settings and solve it.

Vehicles In Both Games

The vehicles of FF are so fast and easy to drive they gave a mini craft to fly which is like a mini car . But the cars and bikes of PUBG are slow and not easy to handle . pubg take more time in downloading because it depends on large mb and it needs more mbs on every update and it also take more resources update mbs on the other site the ff take less mbs for download nad for updation of any updated version. so from this point of freee fire vs pubg ff is better then pubg.


The ending words of free fire vs PUBG is that FF is the best one game from PUBG and more updated and more easy to play and have all the latest features in it. On the other side PUBG is not bad to play it has its own best result but the best one is Free Fire. so right now download rizvi fire mod apk and become the professional player of this game.

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