Download Free Fire Mod APK Latest V1.104.1 Unlimited Features 2024

Free Fire Mod apk is with the latest mod version. You must like it if you are a true survivalist . So Get ready to play all mod features and to handle the war situation. Lot of the people in this modern world are playing many action games but trust me free fire mod apk is one of the best Royal Battle games from all others.

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Latest Features free fire

Latest Features Of Free Fire MAX Mod APK

Here we discuss some latest features :

Free Fire HD Graphics

free fire hd graphics

Graphics is the most important feature in any game . Free fire mod apk has HD Graphics which increase its fun. Graphics gave it a reality and the players enjoyed the game like a real one. HD resolution helps the player to easily see the target. Things in the game like trees, mountains, homes and other players look like real things or people. This game has the latest graphic feature to improve the player game.

Free Fire max Different Maps

free fire maps

Maps of free fire mod apk are Bermuda.

  • Nexterra.
  • Bermuda 2.0.
  • Purgatory.

These maps have different types of fighting conditions. Players are so interested to play on different maps. Maps are the beauty of free fire mod apk.

Every map has different roles or depends on different team squads to play . Some maps have two team squads. Each team has 4 players in a squad and other teams also like that. The different things in these maps are their locations and areas. In some maps the area decreased and in some areas increased and some maps start zones earlier and some don’t have any zone layer. Some maps are survival maps and some are dependent on killing points.

Free Fire max Team Squad

Free fire team squads

In the start the free fire mod apk depends on 50 players and they are in the team squad. Single teams have 4 players who play together and they don’t kill each other with their weapons bullets. 

But they kill their squad player by one way which is by throwing a hand garnet near him and when it blasts the squad will be gone from the match. All the players have different types of skills to kill the enemies. The last team which kills all the other players at the end of the match becomes the winner of the match. So let’s Start the game.

Free Fire max Auto Headshot Scopes

Free fire auto headshot

These are some names of scopes which are used in free fire mod apk:

  • 2x
  • 4x
  • 8x
  • Red dot
  • thermal

By using these scope on your weapon you may exact headshot to the enemy and kill in just one tap. One tap shot or auto headshot are mostly similar. There is one difference between them which is one tap held when you press the trigger on the weapon and auto head shot is held when you hold the scope on the enemy and auto fire on the head of enemy.

New players take edge from these scope to kill the enemies faster and increase their level of the game. Without the scope you just waste your bullets and are killed by the enemy and get out of the match. So it’s a good suggestion for you to use the different scopes of the weapons to improve your one tap auto headshot skill.

free fire scopes

Auto aim bots are killed by using good scope 4x is the best one for bot killing. Most of the players used the 8x to kill the pro players and normally they use 4x to kill the aim bots. It’s so easy to kill the bots by using scopes on one tap in free fire mod apk .

Free Fire Lobby

free fire lobby

In the free fire mod apk lobby you can do a lot of game settings like weapons change auto scope buttons size increase decrease. You can claim a lot of rewards from the lobby settings. Some of lobby settings are: Maps changing, character changing ,shopping , seeing the levels of your game and a lot of others. So at the end lobby is the main point of this game.

Free Fire max Mod APK Skins

Here are mod skins of max free fire :

Different Parachute Skins

In free fire mod apk people use the start up parachute skin which is auto given by the free fire . The pro players use a lot of the customized or other amazing parachute skins to look beautiful in the game from all the others and impress the other team members. One of the best and most famous parachute skins is the wings of the devil. Most of the players want to use this skin but to get it you may have to achieve the high level of the game.

Different Backpack Skins

There are many backpack skins are available but most the famous the players use are these:

  •  violet orbit 
  •  wrapped feather
  •  iced Glare
  • jingle Skull

 Iced Glare is used in winter in ice mountains to look better with this ice backpack and this skin is mostly used by active and regular players in snow maps. Jingle Skull skin is used in forest type maps. To get the focus of other players this skin is used. The main purpose of the backpack skin is to get more weapons, scope, flash hider, bullets and other things which are used in free fire mod apk during match.

Different Suit Skins

Suits are one of the best features which are used by every player in the game. Some players buy royal suits to look attractive in free fire mod apk . In the start the simple suit depends upon a single simple t-shirt or simple trouser. When you reach a high level you get royal suits skins which are paid suits but you get them from your best performance rewards. If you have the budget for the game, try this skin. It’s amazing.

Different Pets Skins

There are 21 pet skins in the lobby setting. You get these skins by paid method or by your performance reward. Beatson is the best pet in free fire . Rocky is the most fabulous pet in the whole Free Fire mod apk. Everyone wants this pet skin.


Blue frame glacier is the best weapon in free fire mod apk. Many other games which are in regular use are AK-47, M4 and MG2. Many pistols like Glock are used. Hand Garnet are mentioned in weapons. So if you want to use garnet search it on the ground or buy it from a free fire weapon store present in the lobby.


In free fire mod apk teams use cars to travel to gather from one place to another and it’s too simple to operate the car. Second one is a bike which is used by 2 team members. Cycle is also present in it . The major benefit of cycle is it is voiceless so the enemy can not listen if you are coming to kill him . But it’s so slow to reach the other point especially when the zone is coming at that point try to use cars to reach the safe zone.

Voice Chat

It is an amazing feature of free fire mod apk game. All the players talk together by using a voice chat feature . It is used to help the other team members . Players give commands and instructions to kill enemies and save their team members from the firing and they take relief from other squads by using this feature.

Text Chat

You can text to your team in the match or in the lobby area and make friends by using this feature of text chat in this free fire mod apk game.

High Jump Run

During running in free fire mod apk game to decrease your distance from the destination use the high jump run option. This command may jump you and you run faster than others.

Free Shopping

While playing Free fire mod apk you can buy a lot of things which you need in a match. Search the shop box to purchase the weapon or you need based items like scope , weapons and many other things. After the match you can shop for free from the lobby and get your suits skins. Mostly items you get from your performance.

Free Fire MOD Features

There are some mod features of rizvi fire mod apk:

Unlimited Diamonds

Players in free fire mod apk are facilitated by unlimited diamonds to buy special gun skins like Ak-47 and M4 skins. Player have endless diamonds .

Unlocked Emotes

The process of unlocking all the emotes is that first you may login in your account and then search emotes settings and you can get all emotes free in free fire mod apk.

Unlocked Characters

Leon and Dj alok are the best characters of free fire mod apk. All players want these characters. The thing which makes you happy is all the characters in the game are unlocked; you can access them as your character.

Unlimited Free Coins, Money & Gold

Free fire mod apk provided Unlimited money to all players on the need basis purchase anything during the match. Gold and coins are used to increase your health box and buy some other items of guns and suits.

How to Install Free Fire Mod APK

how to install free fire mod apk

After downloading it the app of free fire mod apk 2023 comes up on your home screen and now click on it and install it on your phone. First install all its resources then start playing the game. The process of installing free fire is completed.

Pros & Cons


updated version

high graphics

free game

increase planning sense



loss of time

sleepless brain

stressed mind


At the end of all the discussion the result is that free fire mod apk is one of the best games to increase your planning and make your mind able to do quick actions. If you are a newbie, trust me you will enjoy all the features and learn how to survive in tough conditions.

Most people like to play fighting games. free fire mod apk totally depends on fights and the killing process by using a lot of the latest weapons. You may improve your aim of shooting by using its scopes. In India many players start to play this game and now they become pro players in a few months. It is so easy to handle all its tools and to play. So don’t waste time Click on the download button now and enjoy the royal battle action game.


Here are some important FAQs:

The free fire mod is totally safe; you can download it and enjoy its all latest features.

Free Fire max Mod APK is an updated or modified version which is used for using extra features of the game .

Free Fire mod APK works so fast and easily in your android , pc , laptop , and IOS . And it is so easy to play. It is a light weighted game.

Login your account and in the lobby setting you can get thousands of unlimited diamonds . 

There are two ways to get skin NO. 1 is by your good performance you get rewards and from these rewards you can get your skin . NO 2 is to buy the skin by using diamonds or coins.

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