Free fire India 2024 is a famous game in asia and trending now. There are many battle games but free fire is best from all others. Free fire India 2024 is updated now and going to become a more entertaining game in Asia and all over the world. Garena launched many updates in 2024 and on these updates all versions of free fire are going to update so free fire India 2024 is coming soon with updated features.

free ifire india 2024

Free Fire India 2024 Features

There are some features of free fire India 2024:

  • New lobby
  • Emotes
  • Postures collection
  • New medicine kit
  • Skins collection

New Lobby

Garena is introducing a new lobby in free fire India 2024 game. In this update lobby is designed with a newly featured version and looks new. In the lobby there are many other settings and options added on happy new year.

free fire india 2024 lobby

In the lobby the player tests its all functions which perform in war or battle areas. In the free fire mod apk lobby area is an important factor of the game because all factors of settings are controlled from here. So at this point the main point is that this garena updates its lobby in 2024 with new updated features. 


The emotes are an important part of any live game. Because emotes play a good and special role in games. Free fire India 2024 also has a lot of emotes and now is going to update all the emotes. Emotes like jumping emotes , running emotes , shield emotes and many other types of emotes which are a major part of the game. Now in the updated version garena updates all the new features and fresh up the game results.

free fire india emotes and postures

The free fire game officially gave the user a lot of emotes in the start of game playing. But when the user wants some more emotes they will be paid or free. Free in case you got rewards. And when users pay to unlock the emotes then these emotes are called paid emotes. So the usage of emotes is increasing day by day in free fire india and this thing provides users more fun.

 Postures Collection

Free fire India 2024 has many types of postures like rounded and a lot of other postures. The posture of the player gives a natural and many fantastic types of other looks. The free fire player jump and fire behind him comes due to the update feature of postures. When the player in the lobby area he/she invite a friend who wants to play together, they use posture to impress each other. It may depend on a lot of postures styles which may explain the feelings without asking anything.

New Medicine Kit

The player who is playing the game when the player is in a war area and fired by another player to survive in the game he needs a medicine kit. The player enters the game by lobby and then he goes to the war area by plane. The free fire mod apk is one of the best battle games in this modern world for youngsters enjoyment. Medicine kits depend on energy and life saving products.

free fire medical kit

One time take of kit you can get a single 20 percent life chance when you are fully damaged. And when the player is half damaged by bullets he may get 2 medicine kits. And when the player is damaged narrow he may need just a single medicine kit to fully fill its energy. So this is the main purpose of the medicine kit in free fire.

This is used to save the player’s life and make him play longer till the end of the game. There are some types of the medicine kit which are used to save the lives of the players. One is a full kit with one sip you get full energy and one is tean pack and other is medicine kit. Medicine kit is slow to teen pack drink which is faster to full fill the energy in just one drink.

Skins Collection

Free fire India 2024 is updating all his skins in the game. Skins are another major factor of free fire mod apk in which players get many features of suits, weapons, maps and a lot of other things. So in new year night 2024 free fire is going to update its all features, skins,suits, jersey and all the versions. And many new free fire events are coming for players to upgrade their skills to upgrade their levels in game.



The end of all points is this free fire India is updated and features full game and if players want a new style free fire to try free fire India. Because there are a lot of updates and new things are available to make the user experience very good. When you try this free fire mod APK INDIA you will enjoy daily rewards in your lobby and day by day the lobby will be updated.

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