Free Fire v1.103.1 a Action Royal Battle Game

free fire a action royal battle game

Many battle games are existing and they are trying to overtake free fire which is the best royal battle game. But here are some main points about ff royal battle game compared with other battle games:

Free fire action game main points

There are some points which we discuss here in detail:

  • Sniping
  • Shadow
  • Sky 
  • Emotes
  • Weapon Sound
  • Plan 
  • Dive
  • Parachute
  • Walk
  • Zone
  • Swimming
  • Lobby


The snipping aim of ff is like a real or fully focused clear aim and you can fire exactly on target during a match. But the other  sniper games are not clear or have no more focus. So the result is that the snipers of ff are good for royal battle .


The shadow of this game is too good from all others because it gave us a real look because the graphics of this game are hd and high class so the images or objects moving in this game are looking real. The player single type of shadow held never plus or negative points come out in this case. Because the graphics of the game are so good and if you are using the IOS then you will get more better results in graphics.


The sky of the ff is blue and clear and with a minimum amount of clouds but the sky of other games are full cloudy or sometimes it’s not clear. So the sky of this game is better than all . The sky of the game always looks beautiful due to the drops coming some recalled player coming down for fighting and some event based things held on the sky . So the sky looks always so attractive and beautiful .


The emotes of this game are more than one like dancing , action , weapon changing or many others. The other battle games just have a dance emote , most of the game don’t have any emotes. By using the emotes you will look like professional players and now you can get all the emotes by downloading free fire mod apk.

Weapon Sounds

The sound of these game weapons are so soft and do not harm your heart while playing games and when you are using headphones. Earbuds, hands free. On the other side, the sound of others is so polluted which may harm your ears and your mental health after playing the game due to high and bad sound impact on you.


Different planes are in this game which make the start so unique and you can change your plane. In other games there is just one fixed plane which may bore you after a long time. The plane drop down the drop box which have lot of weapons and bullets in it. The box which is drop by the plane has sometime grass suit to save the player from the other players eyes.


The dive is so impressive because the dive of free fire players is with a dive board but others don’t have dive boards. some time player dive into the water and some time dive from the house roof and majority dive from the plane and the smog effects in the foots of the player are soo good and attractive for other players. This smog effect you may have to get from the lobby and rewards.


The free fire has many parachute skins the players can change the parachute by buying or getting reward for the parachute. Other battle games don’t have any parachute skin. some players have latest and upgraded parachute but you will see this when you are on plane and going for jump and you can use this parachute of your partner when the partner gift you this . If you want your own then buy it or get it from rewards.


The graphics during running or walking in the field is impressive for free fire but other games don’t have good graphics and the running style is not good. The style which is used by the player walking is not difficult because this may totally on the player. When the player walking he may jump and decrease its distance and sit down or lay down and then go for next destination.


The free fire has red and blue zones and a safe zone area for playing games in this area. When the zone is come the game is near to end to play in a safe area . Zone comes on its time when the zone time starts it will come by this layer of zone the player harmed because this zone damage the player and decrease the player health. So when the zone come go forward and safe yourself from zone attack.


The player properly swims in free fire but in other games the player just walks in water. In free fire your cars never swim in water without setting of vehicles . There are lot of lakes type areas where you have to swim in the water and go on your destination.

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The lobby of free fire is much better then other royal battle games . Because in ff lobby lot of the function or feautres are looking on front and user never put effort in searching the options for changings in game so this prove that ff is more updated from other games. Lobby ma depend upon weapon, parachute , suits and many other settings of all the game. In this game you can enjoy many royal features because this game and its lobby is totally designed according to royal battle and the team spent many time to improve its features and make it fully royal game.


The ending words of all this discussion is free fire mod apk is one of the best royal battle games from all other existing games. So if you want to play this, hurry up and download the game and start playing to become a royal player .

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