Download Free Fire Old Version 1.100.1

Free Fire Mod Apk Old Version 2021

Download free fire old version like you want to play the latest and fresh version of the game. But the old version has some specifications like this. One special thing is the playing method and the regular players love this type of maps, guns, lobby area, skins and all the basic things. Because some people don’t want to become upgraded, they love to live the same way.

Download Free Fire Old version

Free fire old version

It is good thought to use old versions .Every game or app has old versions but people always like to use updated versions . But the thing is most of the people never understand or like the updated things so they like to use the free fire old version . So there is the old version of free fire mod apk . old version mostly similar to the updated version. More details: Download Free Fire Mod APK Latest v1.100.1 Unlimited Money and Diamonds 2024

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UPDATEAugust 9, 2020
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Download Free Fire Mod APK 1.99.1

You can download the old version of free fire mod apk version 1.99.1.

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Free fire mod apk old version 1.98.1 is mostly similar like as updated versions. So use it easily if you are intrested to play old version . Most of the player want to play updated version of free fire mod apk but someone like to play their old type of version because this one is easy to handle.

Features Of Free Fire Old Version

There are some features of free fire old versions. Here we discuss the features of free fire mod apk old version. 

  • Regular Graphics
  • Basic weapons
  • Easy settings
  • Easy to use

Regular Graphics

When the player is playing the game it must be important that the graphics of the game be perfect according to device. When the player is using updated version of free fire mod apk its natural to miss some things of old version which was easy to use in old version so he may decided to again play the old version so rizvi fire mod apk has the old versions of free fire mod apk so right now download the old version to fresh up your memories.

Basic Weapons

The weapons are the important thing which is used in battle games so the players always want the updated weapons which may harm the enemy in just one bullet or fire of a gun. So if you want to play with upgraded guns, download the latest version for free fire mod apk and if you want to play with your old weapons, download the free fire old version and enjoy the old beauty of the game.

Easy Settings

When the user uses the gaming app or any battle gaming app he must try to edit some settings according to his use so the old version of free fire has outclass and easy setting. By these settings the user can edit all the things in the game easily. So this is the other feature of old version usage so both versions have equal usage on user preference.

Easy To Use

Free fire old version is easy to use for the beginner with a lot of playing guidelines. So it’s the tip for new users to try to use the old version instead of the new version because the new version is tough from the old version and faster so try this one for better result and good game performance.


The end point of this all discussion is this old version has its own value on the front of new and updated version so if you are good player you have this idea that both version has not equal for playing but they are equal to performance and usage because old is gold and modern is fast and more reliable so if you are pro then use the updated and new version and for newbie this is a tip to become a good player try to use old version of free fire old version.

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