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free fire for pc

Free fire mod apk For pc Most likely you want to play free fire and you don’t have a mobile phone now . And you want to play games on pc because you have free time and the issue is you don’t have a mobile . So don’t be worried about this because I have the best solution for you .

The solution is that you can play free fire on your pc . Now your mind raises this question HOW? So i will tell you the process of requirements of your free fire for pc which is able to play this game for you . So let’s start the important discussion about how to play this game on your personal pc. How To Play Free Fire mod APK v1.103.1 is helps you to understand the basic playing techniques.

free fire for pc

There are some important point you have to follow these to play free fire for pc:

Free Fire Mod APK For PC Requirements

  • Best operating process in your pc(64 bit)
  • Best graphic card (minimum 4gb)
  • Best Ram range (8gb is so best 4gb is acceptable)
  • Rom never matters more
  • screen or LCD of pc

These are the some requirements free fire for pc which are present in your pc to play free fire mod APK for pc . If you have all of these, let’s start the main process in which you learn the details of how to play free fire in pc and you get lot of things by using these you become expert in playing free fire.

Free Fire For PC Commands

Arrow up is the button which is present in the right corner of your keyboard . And this button is used for the command of forwarding . When you press this button your character moves forward. Arrow down is the below button which is present under the up button. The use of this button is to backward your character in game. Right or left arrow buttons are such common commands for the game to move left or right .

you can give these right or left commands by using your mouse. The space button is used for jumping when you are running in the field. To achieve your task faster you have to jump while running. By Following these commands instructions you will get the good results.

for pc free fire mod apk

Graphics Results

The Graphics are so good when you play free fire for pc because of the large screen. And the result of the big screen is better than mobile small screen so that’s the main reason pro players are moving to play games on pc. For the more good and better results if you want then use graphic cards. There are some types of graphic cards you can use minimum 2gb graphic card. And if you use some extra and extended card then the game played so smoothly.

Space Required

If the ram of your computer is low like 4gb is minimum the speed will decrease because of low ram . So I will suggest you extend your ram to enjoy the fast speed of free fire mod APK for pc. No large number of space is required you have to just installed in your device other space make to easy to play the game without any low space notification. 

Free Fire Mod APK For PC Customization

The main part of all this is you may have to customize your pc settings according to your game. So before downloading the game, do your setting and then start other procedures . In pc the game never take time in loading and never stop on any point . But the one is issue that when the power cut from your pc then game gone and you feel sad .

So you can solve it by using ups system at your home to secure your game during play . The best player using gaming pc for playing games so its a good thing use high class pc for better results of games in gaming pc.


The conclusion of all the points is to play free fire on pc you have a best customized settings holder or with good processor or with well ram or rom mean good storage space or best one graphic cards like 8gb . So before starting to play a game on pc read it all so carefully and follow these tips for better results . Use a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard to impress others during playing games .

It may impact on the viewers to feel that you are a professional player. The gaming chair increases the beauty of your gaming free fire mod APK for pc setup. Free Fire mod APK for pc is now going fast using in modern world. So now download free fire mod APK for pc to enjoy beauty and fast work of this game.


Yes, the free fire is available on pc. You can download the free fire mod APK for pc and use it easily in your pc and its normal and so simple to use so right now download free fire mod APK for pc.

You can play the free fire mod APK for pc with 2gb ram but in this case you may have to do some settings in your pc to save from errors during playing the game. But the recommended thing is this upgrade your ram for better and good results .

You can play free fire online because free fire is online game and its important to use internet during playing this game after login.

We know this ram is one of the important part of computer system to run the data easily and smoothly so if you have 8gb ram this will be good for you but if you use 2gb minimum graphic card with this it will be more better and gave you more good results.

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