free fire vs igi

Free fire vs igi 2 is one of the best competitions so we will try to make stable things between them and discuss the most major features of both the games.

Features Of Free Fire Vs IGI 2

There are some features of both games:

  • Game MOD
  • Game Type 
  • Aim
  • Maps
  • Weapons
  • Scopes

Game Mod

Free is multiplayer game in this game the main match is started from 50 players and these all have one squad and each squad is depends upon 4 players so its mean free fire is multiplayer game because many player can play in each time and one of the best benefit of this is they can communicate with each other by voice chat and by text and they play together they play like a real squad of force.

igi 2 is story mode game

In igi 2 just one player can play this game if you want squad of the multiplayer then you have to pay some amount of money to enjoy this game with multiplayers so this feature is paid in igi but this is main and free feature of free fire so in this point free fire vs igi 2 free fire gets point.

Game Type

In this point of how we know the free fire vs igi 2 games are from which type so don’t be worried about this I have a neat and clear answer with a simple concept of identifying which game is from which type of category.

If you are a battle game player and if you are already using the free fire so you better know this free fire mod apk is a battle game and if you want to play a battle game then free fire is one of the best battle games . 

multiplayer igi 2 game.

Now the turn of igi 2 . IGI 2 is from which type of game so here we discuss the status of this game. IGI 2 is a story mode game because in this game you can just see the area of war and it may depend on the cold war and its whole story so this game is totally considered a story game so at this point free fire vs igi 2 free fire again gets points.


In this competition where both games have a variety of weapons and we never discuss the aims topic so this is not fair with these games. In free fire vs igi 2 free fire have osam type of aim settings and practice points but on the other side igi dont have lot of area for practice igi player just fire in ground because it is story game so it’s not easy to practice the game instruction table gave to player for his guidance so its now totally depends upon the player how he read all the method of handling weapons and how shoot on its exact aim.

igi 2 aims


In both games maps are so important because without a map you cannot play the game because the war area is the most important thing by which you play the game.

In free fire there are 4 major maps but a lot of other maps which have different time setting and squad setting which end on a single player and 5 player game and a lot of tournament game maps of free fire. But in igi 2 there are a total 19 maps which are never changeable and never update-able but in free fire all maps have a daily type of event update so it’s so interesting for players. So in this point of free fire vs igi 2 free fire again wins this game. Because maps gave enjoy to the user to see different area of playing and the player enjoy this because of environment changes.


Weapons are the main things in any battle and fighting game. By using the weapon you can kill a lot of enemies in just one bullet fire. In free fire vs igi 2 the user sees these weapons are useful and a lot of updated weapons.

When we see the difference between free fire vs igi 2 weapons are important points to discuss and in this point free fire has a lot of updated and upgraded weapons on the other side igi 2 has old types of weapons in which never updates come and never be upgraded due to old data servers of the game. So in this point free fire mod apk wins and gets plus point from the igi 2.


When we talk about gaming weapons, the part of the gun which is the scope of the gun is like the scope which we use to point out the aim to kill the enemy. In free fire a lot of types of gun scopes are available by using these scopes you will get fast killings. In igi 2 there are not a lot of scopes this game has fixed scopes are not changeable during playing. In free fire mod apk you can change the scope during the match and also in the lobby and you will get a lot of scopes in war areas with suitable weapons after searching.

 But in igi it is totally impossible to change scopes during playing and add other types of scopes on your weapon without buying. So free fire vs igi 2 the point goes to free fire mod apk.


The ending words of this all discussion is free fire is a battle game and free game and have a lot of updated maps to make this game more interesting so free fire is best from igi 2. And free fire wins this competition. Because this world is going more updated so all the users of this games like to play modern games instead of low quality and old games because they are not updated. All the gamers love to play new games which are a lot of fun and enjoyable for them. So download rizvi fire mod apk to become a modern updated player of this stylish world.

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