Free Fire MOD APK V1.102.1

Free fire mod apk v1.102.1 is now the updated version. And you can play the updated skins and many other features of free fire.

free fire mod apk updated

Additional Information

SIZE393.1 MB
UPDATED DATE16December 2023

Free Fire MOD APK Features

There are some features of free fire v1.102.1 this is updated version .

  • Error Issues Resolved
  • Graphics
  • Extra Skins

Error Issues Resolved

In the free fire updated version there are no more errors which were in the old version. Now you can play free fire with updated data and many other features in it. Some of the common issues like error in taking unlimited diamonds and some other common issues are resolved. For the best result of gaming this is to make sure for developers to resolve all the errors in the game. And this makes the game get more users. If there will be no errors. Now in this updated version there are a minimum amount of errors if comes but it’s confirmed there are no more errors present in it.


When the version was not updated there were some graphics issues. The issue of graphics is held when the player has no good internet connection. The internet is one of the important things which is used to play live or online games. Free fire mod apk is one of the best online games. You can play this game with a group of players and you can also play with one and one player.

So in this point the graphics of free fire mod apk are updated and have more hd results and give better looks in playing and in war area. In the games the player needs one thing specially which is graphics of the game. So it’s sure that there are no graphics issues in it.

Extra Skins

Extra skins is the major feature of the free fire and now we here discuss the extra skins of free fire. 

  • Weapons
  • Suits
  • Scopes
  • Auto kill updated


Weapons are an important part of a free fire game. In this updated version there are a lot of modern weapons to use and to kill the enemies. Some of the weapons which are used for long shots and some are used for near shots. And in this version of free fire the user will get a lot of high quality gun skins while playing this free fire mod apk game.

The AKM and M24 and SMG are some common guns which are used mostly during the match so the players want updates on these weapons. And now this version has a lot of rewards and a lot of outclass updated guns and maps for giving users a useful playing environment.


In this version there are lot of many other updated skins. In free fire mod apk latest new version the player gets the skins of many things and suits are included in it. There are many types of suits, some are paid and some are free. When you get these suits from redeem codes you will get them for free and when you want to unlock some suits you may have to pay for them because they are not available for free for users. So right now download the free fire mod apk latest version.


The free fire game weapon have 3 to 4 type of scopes in it. Now the scopes of the all weapons are updated. Because scope helps the player to hit the target on exact point. And the updated scope are with high range and fixed point power.

Auto Kill Update

The auto kill feature of free fire game is now more update or automated in this updated version. You may have to just point the enemy and the weapon auto fire the bullet to the enemy. Now this feature is more updated.


The free fire mod version is now more updated and by this version you can enjoy the latest and updated feature of free fire game. So if you want to enjoy the latest features of this game download right now to become professional and fast player of free fire mod apk.

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